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wireless charging

Wireless charging is a key enabler for true autonomy for air, surface or subsurface robots

Inductive wireless power transfer theory

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The critical relationship: [Inductive power transfer ∝ f² B²]

Next generation MHz-IPT

40 MHz²/85 kHz² = 200,000 times better coupling than the 2nd generation standard frequency

  • Higher frequencies f and magnetic flux densities B are greatly desirable

  • Inductive Power Projection Ltd are developing a novel hybrid metal/dielectric ring technology using MHz-frequency magnetic fields for wireless battery charging that circumvents the limitations of copper coils

  • We have worked with frequencies of up to 40 MHz while maintaining high efficiencies

  • These higher frequencies give significantly superior coupling between the transmitter and receiver coils

  • At MHz-frequency, it is possible to achieve much higher charging rates than for 85 kHz systems:

    • With much large distances between the transmitter and receiver

    • With high lateral displacement, particularly critical for e.g. drones landing on a rolling deck in high winds

    • Where high amounts of power (up to 100’s kW) transfer are required in these challenging situations

  • There are internationally allowed (ISM) frequencies at nominally 40.7 MHz, 27.1 MHz and 13.6 MHz

  • No comparable technology is commercially available at present, and as far as we are aware nothing similar is under development

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